{Blurry and Frozen}

how's that for a title??
you had to be thinking...what????
this little photo shoot was as impromptu as they come.
"brush your hair and grab your jackets...lets go!"
daddy stayed home to prep dinner and away we went.
i was trying to work on two things...blurring the background and freezing motion.
title making more sense now?:)
they, needless to say, liked the freezing motion part the best.
big two, pretty willing models...little one, not so much.

today on the way to school the girls were chatting and wishing they had been triplets.
the debate was over what age they wanted to be right now...it was a unanimous 4!!!
i sooooo agree!
can you imagine?
crazy i know, but i would love it!:)

the car seat fits are still happening around here.:(
cries of "it's too tight" and unbuckling herself or pulling her arms out of the straps while i'm driving.
short of stopping the car, which isn't always an option, solutions that work are few.
i am waiting patiently for this stage to pass.

it was early release today.
good to have everyone home for a few extra hours together.
i think they really do miss each other...even though sometimes it's hard to tell!:)

  aubrey is going to her first school birthday party in a couple of weeks.
 she is so excited.

i've been grouchy the last few days and it stinks.
feeling unsettled.
and since they soooo feed off me, i'm feeling the pressure to loose this mood.:)
my workouts haven't been as big lately and for me that does a lot.
maybe that's my plan for next week.
funny how you put your focus on one things (taking pics) and you loose your focus on something else (working out) in your life.
proof positive that you just can't do it all i guess!:)

it's all about balance.

this little dance show was of course my favorite motion of the day to freeze!:)
thanks for sitting through those!:)
have a happy day,


  1. Ohhh the car seat battles...then comes the winter coats and it starts all over again! Here's hoping its a short phase!

  2. Aubrey's dance is the best! Ha ha! I love every single picture, though, especially the ones of all three of them together :). Triplets...that would be cool but also crazy, I think...;)

    I'm sorry you've been feeling grouchy. Hopefully today (or tomorrow!) will be better :).

    1. thanks bee! she is quite the dancer:)
      the grouchies are lifting...it's Friday after all!:)

  3. Picture perfect... awesome location too. I love that red bridge. You did an amazing job!!!! I love the dance moves on the last one too! Sweet! I know what you mean about focusing on one thing and then loosing focus on another. These recent photography sessions with five more this weekend are leaving me feeling crazed. I hate it and am soooo loosing the focus on things. Last night the girls had hot dogs for dinner. Okay, so that's never ever happened in this house. I miss cooking; real cooking. This weekend I baked even though there wasn't time. It made me feel so much better. I so agree, it's true you can't have it all at the same time.

    You really are rockin the camera Cindy! I'm so so happy for you~

  4. I think these are beautiful. I especially love the ones of the 3 girls together. The colors are vibrant!