{This Morning}

parent teacher conference time for aubrey today.
i know...already?

the plan was, i'd drop her at dave's work then be on my way.
she was so sad when i tried to leave and i know it had everything to do with the bigness of the place and all the unfamiliar faces. that girl has such a tender heart and when it breaks it shatters mine in two.

funny...she put her hair in front of her face and said "take this one mom"

when i came back to get her she was happy as a lark in daddy's lap watching little critter on youtube.
nothing a snuggle with daddy and a tootsie pop can't fix.

i just had such a feeling of love for that little one i wanted to whisk her somewhere.
i just wasn't ready to go home to all the distractions and to-do's.
ever feel that way? or is it just me?

we ended up at the bookstore and were there for more then two hours.
it's our happy place.

::some random moments from our morning i don't want to forget::
"mama...do hearts mean love? then i have a zillion hearts for you"
singing at the top of your lungs on the stage not caring at all who heard you.
reading a ton of books together like we were in our own living room.
listening to you read to the stuffed animals.
holding and tickling your warm little foot that was de-socked and de-shoed the moment you jumped in the car seat.
driving the long way around the block to our house.
you crawling on my lap to lean out and check the mail from the car like we do every day.
then you sit on my lap and drive into the garage.
running into the house first and hiding under the table and saying "mommy...where am i?"
like you do every.single.day.
i love you little miss aubrey kate.


  1. All I can say is that I know EXACTLY how you feel! It's like a panicked feeling if you don't drop the whole world and spend time soaking up their littleness. (or even their bigness) It's like such a burst of love, isn't it? Best thing is... you acted on it. (with your morning at Barnes and Noble) And nothing feels better than that!

  2. Agree word for word with our friend Tara!

  3. You are such a great mama...what a sweet way to spend the day! She is looking so grown up!

  4. What a beautiful memory for the two of you! So sweet!

  5. Sweet and beautiful Aubrey! I just love her!