{Weekending...oh...and Week Begining Too}

well hello there.
where have the days gone?
this weekend/week has been pretty much a blur.

{kind of like this photo...good segue right...(and did you know that's how you spell segue...i had to google it!)...my camera and i have not been friends this week and it's making me mad!:)}

the weekend was full
then dave went out of town for three days.
and when he's gone...it's weird...i kind of go into shut down mode.

no stressful big projects going on.
not a lot of computer time.
not a lot of deep cleaning either for that matter.
maybe cause i have to save all my extra energy to feed us!!:)
it's all about love and survival people...what else can i say?

i do end up staying awake way too late watching silly things like frasier and will and grace. {LOVE!}
and therefore ignoring my workouts and sleeping in an extra 30 minutes.
but anyway...enough of that.

we went to the pumpkin patch on sunday.
a comedy of errors of an outing for sure.
aubrey threw up on the way there...and the way back!
i decided to leave my 50mm lens at home and go with the other one and i was soooooo bummed.
couldn't get any of those shots i dreamed of.
then we ran into some friends there...which was awesome!!...but then i really couldn't get any of those shots i dreamed of!!:)
does that make me a pumpkin patch outing snob or something??:)
we chalked it up to "oh well"
and went home.
dave promised us a do over.

we had flurries today.

i have been fluffing every ones cold weather wardrobe.
buying boots and digging gloves and scarves out.
tell me this is not it.
winter. can. not. be here. already!

i have so much to say.
so many thoughts and words spinning around my head and no time to get them out.
tons of desire.
just no time.
i am feeling kind of scattered and frazzled.
change of season?
too much sugar?

my baby's home.
we are eating good tonight.
we have a friends birthday party after dinner.
then warm flannel sheets to keep us warm.

life is good.

have a happy day,


  1. oh, to have flannel sheets . . .
    I know winter can be a drag (I do remember) but . . . the sweaters and boots and flannel sheets . . . sigh.

  2. Cindy...have you been drinking from that fountain of youth again? : )

    Happy Weekend, my friend!

  3. Hey there, happy you're back. Love that picture of you and Aubrey! Smashing of you btw!!!! I go on shutdown when Scott's away too. Weird. I so know that feeling. Flurries? Really? It can't be winter yet! I still need me some fall. Now fill us all in on those thoughts in your head... what's going on girl? Have a happy Friday! xo tara

  4. Love that last shot! I know what you're saying about the messed up pumpkin patch outing. I have to say even though I HAVE gotten the shots before on outings like that, I'm usually frazzled by the end because all I did was sit behind my camera, yell at Boyd to sit still, run here and there. Life is kind of crazy. :) I'm glad you're getting a re-take on that one. And, flurries? What the heck! xo