little computer break over here.
i can tell how long i've been away when i finally open my email and there are 248 new emails to go through and delete!!:) ugh
oh well, a small price to pay for a little cyber peace i guess.
last weekend the girls ran a 5k.
it was a fundraiser for the cross country team.
new uniforms are in our horizon...yeah!:)
it was janey's first "real race" and she was so excited.

aubrey ran a little too...so i could work on getting my settings right.
this thinking before you take a pic stuff is hard!!:)

after the race began we camped out where daddy was directing traffic.
we kept ourselves busy with balancing, "under the tree ballets", and playing with rocks.

the girls stayed together for awhile, but finally janey told riley to go on ahead.
it was torturous waiting for them to finally come around that corner again.

poor janey.
i wanted to run the rest of the way with her.
either that or scoop her up and give her a ride.
she kept goin though...and she did it smiling.

we couldn't take the short cut fast enough to see riley cross the finish line....but we made it almost in time to see jane.
then, she threw up.:(
poor thing pushed herself so hard.
we all felt so bad for her.
but everyone kept saying, that's how the real runners finish.
that made her feel better!:)

nothing a little water and some pretzels couldn't fix.

oops...but i had to keep it anyway:)
they came home planning their next one, so i guess it was a success.
turkey trot here we come!!
i'm a runner too...and i have the boo-boos to prove it!


  1. Yeah for your runners! Congratulations on your race girls... just like a pro. Funny Cindy, I have a post half written about running... maybe one of these days I'll take some pictures and finish it! You're motivating me! Poor sweet Aubrey... that must have hurt!

    Enjoy your Halloween night! ~tara

  2. Oh no, poor Janey! But I'm super impressed, I've only been able to run 5K fairly recently, and I'm in my 20s...so that's a huge accomplishment! Well done! (and great job Riley too, of course!)

    I love the picture of Aubrey balancing on the side walk. Actually, I just love all the pictures in this post :).

    Hope you guys have a great Halloween!

    1. good for you bee! I would love to run a 5k someday!! maybe when Aubrey is old enough to run along with me we will:)
      have a great weekend and thanks again for checking in on us and leaving such sweet comments!
      wish you had a blog so I could follow along....!:)

    2. I know...maybe someday! As you may know, I'm in grad school right now, so I barely have enough time to check the Internet, let alone write a blog (and aside from that, I'm afraid that if I did have a blog right now, it would consist of "And then I went to the library." "And then I worked on this paper all day" In other words...not that exciting ;-)). I do appreciate your letting me follow along though. I think you have a wonderful family and it's lovely to read what you guys are doing! :)