{some days}

some days this mothering thing kicks your bootie.
never being enough.
never saying the right thing.
saying all the wrong things.
no one's happy and everyone needs something.

but some days you get it right.
you do and say just the right thing and all is well with the world.

thankfully, today was that day.

riley woke up sad
and tired
and worn out.

i can usually tell it might be one of those days when she comes down in a different outfit then the one she picked out the night before.
indecision in her world (in most worlds in this home actually!:)) usually leads to tears.

after cries of "i don't feel well, please let me stay home."
i knew we needed a little bit of an intervention.
see, i knew it really wasn't that she didn't feel well. it was something else. something she probably didn't even know, or couldn't put into words anyway.

so, i called a friend to pick up jane, and took riley and aubrey to mcd for a hotcake date.
it was just the little out of the ordinary pick me up she needed.
it gave us a few more minutes to chat, smooth out her morning and help her find her smile.

she was a tad bit worried about being late and having to walk in after class started but as luck would have it, they had an assembly first thing in the morning and she didn't miss a thing.
don't you love it when things work out that way?
have a happy day,
{thankful for}
1. at home cross country meet today = easier evening
2. friends there when you need 'em
3. a go with the flow four year old. today:)
4. 90's turning to 70's.  again.
5. my parents arrive tomorrow




  1. Ahhh...you are the best mommy! Wish we could have met you there!

    Have a great weekend with your parents, dear friend. : )

  2. I am reading this and am the first mommy you described. I did and said everything wrong tonight. I can hear Anna crying in her room after bedtime right now. I was mad, I was frustrated, I (always my excuse) was flying solo tonight with Scott at his schools open house. It was bad I tell you. I'm trying to muster up the strength to go back up there and sort through it. They were her mistakes but I didn't do my best to help her with them. It's a bad mom night. I take full credit for that. And this crazy amount of school work and activities. Tomorrow will be a better day.

    Glad you were able to help Riley turn her morning around. Too bad Panera is closed right now... Anna could use a little cupcake or something. Thanks as always for sharing the good days and the bad... it helps... xo tara

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  4. You are a sweet SWEET mama, and I'm so glad you were able to turn her day around. So many times I get so rushed in the morning and just think Boyd will have to deal with it, but you inspire me to remember that sometimes they need a little extra attention, or a change of scenery. Love your sweet heart. And, what Tara said above, I feel for you Tara! I had a bit of a night like that last night. Boyd got in trouble for breaking one of my rules about riding into the street without looking, and I lost it like a mad woman and I wanted to erase those few minutes. agh. Some days do kick our BUTTS! I think I redeemed the day by talking it out with Boyd and going back outside for a couple more hours of play, but in my head I remember how upset I got at him. It's a crazy roller coaster ride, this parenting thing. xo

  5. Wow, your girls are growing up beautifully. Our days sound a lot like your days. Girls and hormones that are up one second and down the next...hold on tight for a wild ride!
    I loved how you turned the morning around for everybody. What a great reminder!