{Insta Friday :: week...???}

it's been awhile right?
week 24 was waaaaaay back here.
but who's counting right?:)
let's just dive right back in shall we.

::here's a peek at our week(s)::

first one of the school year:) 
::time passing::
in that very looooong two school parent pick-up line
::dessert eating and ooze tube watching::

"mommy...take a picture of this face...now let me see"

for the necessities
yes...practically 24/7...i had to draw the line at bedtime, and school time of course!:)

::ho ho hoing::

panera now has cupcakes

see what we just got
can i paint the whole kitchen white now??:)


janey leaned into aubrey's lap and said..."i can't describe how much i love you!"

finally a new flavor i can love
billie jo...yours are WAAAAAY better
cody watched our vitamins and flip flops till school was over
i put my almost empty mocha in the cup holder and aubrey in the car on her side.
by the time i walked around she had grabbed it and hid in the back.
when i opened the door she said giggling, "mommy, where'd your mocha go?!!"

met our good friends at the park on friday.
the weather was gorgeous!
 we were the only ones there and these two played for an hour and a half.
they collected a ton of acorns and pretended they were at the beach.
can you say "pockets filled with sand?":)

how beautiful is that drive home?
hope your week was a happy one,


  1. Such lovely pictures! My favorites are the one of Aubrey "ho-ho-ho ing," of Janey and Aubrey (so sweet) and the drive home. And can I just say I love your new kitchen stools? They look so 'fresh'!

  2. Great pictures but I just love the last one.

    Love the new kitchen chairs. We are moving in two weeks and I am so excited because the new kitchen is white. I have always wanted a white kitchen and thought I would never have one.

    Have a great day!

  3. I always love love love a peek into your world... and it's a good one! ~tara

  4. PS ~ that one of Aubrey saying take a picture of me and now show me... very glamorous!

  5. How fun! We have those same princesses Aubrey is playing with in the car...hours and hours of fun, right?

    The chocolate muffins...I need to make some...sooooo good!

    Love your days dear friend....so cozy!

  6. Stealing the mocha is something Boyd would do too! You know I'll be getting cupcakes at Panera soon. Love your pictures. xo

  7. I love the new barstools! Mine are so scratched up and need some TLC!