{Daddy's Birthday}

someone else in the house is 46!:)

kind of cool that his birthday fell on a monday this year.
after dropping aubrey off at school we went out for breakfast.
and guess what?
it wasn't panera.
we tried the new einsteins in town.
and in an effort to keep it positive....we are not einstein's people...we (ok, mostly i) missed our little corner of bagel heaven. we (i) won't be back. unless we're (i'm) being dragged in!:)

lunch out for wings and fries.
that sounds pretty "daddy lunch date" right?

and when the big girls got home it was party time.
dave made a yummy dinner of bacon wrapped pork loin, broccoli and a pull apart cheese bread.
yes, he makes his own bday dinner but i swear he loves to cook!!:)

homemade card love and kisses


silly faces

and lovey ones too.

we love you daddy.
thank you for taking care of us.
and ps
how did you manage our first snowfall on your birthday too.
you're pretty amazing like that i guess!:)



  1. I love the Janey waitress picture. Just the smirk on her face tells me exactly what was going on at that moment. Love these photos!

  2. Happy belated birthday! I hope the day was as lovely as these photos are :). I always thought your girls look quite different, but in that first picture with Dave I can see the family resemblance! Awesome.

    Two unrelated notes:
    1. Riley looks cute with glasses! :)
    2. I tried Panera for the first time over the weekend and it was so good! I think I prefer it to Einstein's as well.

    1. you are right,...every once in awhile they look like sisters!!:)

      1. love riley in her glasses too!
      2. and Panera is my fav! I could give you lots of hints and tips!!:)

  3. Happy Birthday to your man, Cindy!

    And is this cooking thing his career, or is it a hobby? 'Cause he seems to be really good at it. : )

  4. Those are some cute and cozy couch pictures! Such sweet girls! Happy birthday celebration. FUN!

  5. I love all your wonderful pictures!! It looks like the perfect day!

  6. Happy Birthday Dave! You are a lucky man to live in a house with so many wonderful ladies! I hope you had a great day. It looks like you did by the smile on your face.

    Cindy, these pictures are AMAZING. You know I can't take an indoor photo to save my life. These rock. I also love that y'all had a snowfall already. I'm hoping we get some this winter. That is my hope every winter! :)