{First Snow}

it was just a dusting that stuck around way longer through the night then we thought it would.
but when the girls woke up they were all smiles.
something about that first snow.
everything is sparkly and bright.
clean and shiny.
i love it.

first step onto a slippery driveway this winter

riley's poor feet squeezed into last years shoes.
they just keep on growin don't they??:)

after drop off we came home to enjoy the sunshine at the kitchen table.
we colored and drew and chatted.
aubrey sat here so long she said, "mom, my hair is getting hot!"

we baked some cookies to take to lunch with riley.
and shared one....we had to test them out right?

our drive was beautiful and so was the company.

have a happy day,


  1. Have some snow here too, Cindy...

    And some happy young people as well. : )

    Always enjoy sharing your days with you...

    Enjoy, my friend!

  2. That is a happy post. I love it!