that snow is really surprising us....sticking around way longer then expected.
little missy was the first one ready this morning and spent some time exploring.
she found the coolest fall leaf incased in ice and brought it to school to share.
that's a pretty big step for this shy little one.

getting geared up in the car she said, "mom, it's really hard to put a mitten on when you have a mitten on." sweet, simple and oh so true!:)

after drop off i ran into target for black chorus pants for riley and ended up with two sweaters and a pair of jeans for me! who knew target had jeans in tall sizes. you would think of all people, i would know. usually just skip right by their pants. but the price tag of these sure beats the usual place i end up.

tried to stay away from all the holiday cuteness but these were on an end cap and i fell in love!!
to all my coffee and tea drinking friends out there...are these the cutest or what???:)

my few target finds spurred me on and got me in the mood to find a few more bargains so i headed to tjmaxx. i never usually have the patience for the clothes dept but today i did and woohoo!! super cute long sleeve tops for $13!! oh yes! came home with a few and it felt gooooooood! of course they are all pretty basic and plain...dave calls it my uniform...solid colored scoop or v neck tops with a cardigan....predictable i guess.

aubrey and i popped into the mall for a quick return and a pretzel and made it to the pick up line just in time for early release day.

we had a house full till dinner. 5 friends for the girls and aubrey's little friend from down the street. lots of horse on-line game playing, crafting, legos, tumbling, hide and seeking, giggling and chatting. but when the last one left...whew...i was beat!:)

dave made a beautiful dinner but none of us cared for the chicken. i guess we are mostly a white meat family! but nicolle's tomatoes sure were a hit!!!:)

hope your day was a happy one,


  1. Hey there blogging Queen! Wowza, you've sure been catching up a lot! Gotta love that mug... did you get one? Are you a coffee or tea drinker or maybe just a Panera mocha drinker? :)

    Love the huge playdate... amazing mom you are... you know how I avoid playdates!

    Dinner looks sooooo good and good thing Dave was home to cook after hosting all of those girls at your house!

    No snow here yet but it looks so pretty at your house!

    So glad you got some new things for yourself... isn't it the best?

    And I think we 'stay at homes' all have our uniforms. I start with workout clothes. After my shower I wear cleaning clothes to do all of my cooking, cleaning, house stuff. (would never answer the door in them) Then I change into my reg clothes (skinny jeans and a sweater) then I change when I'm 'home for the night' into my cozy clothes. Then I change into my jammies before bed... now that's a lot of changing. I guess I wear that many hats!

    Glad your Wednesday was a good one. Love that mug! And seriously, what do you drink?

  2. I love the new layout of your blog! It looks very "fresh" and happy :). I also love the pictures in your previous entry of your girls checking out the first snow...so beautiful. No snow here, but the weather turned very cold (for Florida) yesterday! I must say I kind of like it. Celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas in 80 F weather has always felt a little strange to me, so this is great.

    I'm glad you found so many great clothes! I love it when I unexpectedly find a bunch of good outfits. I don't really have a "uniform," so to speak, but I do love my cardigans (in all colors) :). Have a good (early) weekend!

  3. Oh I just love that mug. I NEED to get to Target and hope that they still have some!!