{Janey and Today}

this girl really does amaze me sometimes.
all my girls do actually, but today it's janey's turn.

she has such a tender, loyal, loving heart.
her bestest friend since day one of third grade is sad that janey will be out of school for the next few days. (trip to MD, more on that later) janey helped her come up with some things to do without her and games to play with other friends while she was gone. so motherly and caring don't you think? she wrote notes to put in her locker after school for her to find friday morning and we even took a late night trip to claire's last night to get her a bff locket. and she put the cutest little teeny tiny picture inside.

she is leaving her wrapped up surprise with her teacher to give her friday morning too. she was so concerned about her other friends seeing her special gift for kamryn that she thought the teacher could do it more discreetly.:)  all that concern for feelings and hearts just makes me so proud of her.
i love you so my sweet janey brooke.
feeling a bit frantic and whirly swirly today.
you know the feeling.
kind of like standing in a sea of spinning to-do's flying around you and you're either standing still watching it all spin out of control or moving in slow motion trying to make a dent.:)
either way = swirly whirly
found this selfie on my phone this am...
tomorrow we are going to see my brother and his family in MD.
my niece emily is dancing in a holiday performance and we can't wait to see her.
we are on a bit of a time crunch so we have to leave bright and early at 4:00 am to make it in time.
call us crazy and think of us when you see the sunrise.
so this afternoon i am finishing up
cleaning the house
cleaning the car
completing my Christmas card order
plus all the other things i do during the day.
but it's all good and i'm not complaining.
i feel happy and full and ready for a 12 hour car ride.
i love car rides actually.
everyone stuck together in one spot.
even when things get crazy and hectic, and they do and they will, we are still together.
so first i will unpack our overflowing library book bag, then turn on michael buble holiday on pandora. because i feel it...it's here...the holidays are a comin!!!:)
have a happy day,


  1. Have an awesome trip my friend!!! xoxoxoxo Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Have funnnnn! I love car rides too. All of us together, for better or worse! ; )

  3. I'm really impressed by Janey's care for others. I hope she'll always be like that :).

    I suppose you are on your way to Maryland right now - Have a wonderful trip!

    PS. In response to a comment you left on one of my earlier comments: I don't think your days are all alike at all! :) (Panera just..provides structure throughout the week! ;-)).

  4. Hi Cindy, hope you guys have a great road trip and visit with family! Happy Thanksgiving!