{Photo Shoot Faves}

we did it!
managed to grab hold of  the only somewhat sunny-ish day this week and get some pics of the girls.
it really was fun.
they looooove it!
i looooove it...so why don't we do it more often!?:)

still learning this camera of mine.
i was tempted a few times to just pop it in automatic and go for it, but we stuck it out and i did it...in full manual mode. that alone is worth a woohoo!!

there are some shadows on faces and countless other things i wish i could go back and change (like dressing aubrey in white...i think it really threw off the color and i was this close to changing her dress at the last minute...argh!!) but those smiles. they melt me. i can see them in those shots. their little subtle looks and glances, i love every.single.one....all 150 of them!!:)

here are just a few of our faves.


every year janey begs us to do a fancy dress Christmas card photo.
and every year we end up goin casual.
kind of a toughie when not everyone wants to wear fancy dresses anymore.
ok...really just one person!:)
so this year we grabbed one of her fancy dresses out of the closet and did a presto change in the car.
i promised her i would enlarge one of these to include in the card for our family!:)
that made her somewhat happy....!!:)

Christmas card photos...check!
how's your list of holiday must do's lookin??:)
have a happy day,


  1. Oh I love these! I think you did a wonderful job! My favorites are the last one with all of three of them (so smiley and happy) and the ones with Janey in her fancy dress. She just looks so delighted! :)

    Not much going on over here - I'm trying to finish writing papers for my classes so I won't have to do work over Thanksgiving. Whew! :) Enjoy the rest of the week!

    1. finishing papers..i remember that well! but not quite like it was yesterday!!:)
      good luck with that! a holiday with "nothing" to do and lots of relaxation is the best kind.
      family near by?

      funny...I had to laugh when you said the other day that you don't have a blog cause all you would say was "going to the library, writing a paper, ...etc...." that's kind of just like this one only insert a Panera run and playing with kids!!:) I feel like it's same ol same ol over this way as well!!:0

  2. Beautiful pictures Cindy!

    My list is not looking good at all! I have not started anything and that is SO not like me!

  3. Oh Cindy...
    They turned out wonderfully!
    Good for you!
    I will never take my camera off automatic...
    I'm too scared!
    Love the snowflakes...
    And tell your dressed up little lady she is sparkling in her little black dress!