{Monday Morning, A Photo Shoot, Yummy Soup and a Night Out with Aubrey}

dave and i delivered all the food to the food bank this morning after drop off, and had a few moments to chat about Christmas gifts while enjoying our bagel. the older the girls get the trickier those lists get that's for sure. we spent some time wandering around target and kohls getting some ideas and grabbing a tiny gift or three. i have a feeling this is gonna be our new monday morning routine for awhile. no complaints from me that's for sure.

once again i kind of dropped the Christmas card photo ball and i am scrambling a bit to get those done. ugh  why do i do that? i thought i was doing well...getting the outfits super early and all...oh well...live and learn and try better next year...that's my moto.

we got a few good ones but not quite super happy with enough of them. we are planning a redo for tuesday after school and then whatever we get we get and it's a done deal.


dave made the most amazing soup for dinner today. (sorry for all the crazy ads in the middle of that link)
it was so creamy and delicious.
perfect ending to a full day.
well..almost the ending.
aubrey had a little open house at school this evening.
a time to play together and do some crafts and even get a free book for popping in.
she loved showing us all her favorite things again.
so hard to believe this little one is almost half way through preschool.
excuse the creepy flash induced nighttime eyes:)

yummy car dessert on the ride home and everyone in bed by 8:30
is it friday yet??:)
have a happy day,

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