what's making me happiest this friday?
sunshine and blue skies.
ignoring the fact that 6+ inches of fluffy whiteness are headed our way tomorrow.
everyone home for the weekend...and a possible/probable snow day for monday.
and mochas with a munchkin.

or two.

in other random news...
every day when i pick up aubrey from school i ask her what the best part of her day was and she always says, "this moment". love it. but then usually i get some other good tidbits too like "taking a 'nap' in housekeeping then
rachel waking me up", "being line leader" and "getting to stay in the post office the whooooole free choice time". but i kinda like the first one best:)
get some other good tidbits too like "taking a 'nap' in housekeeping then

thanks for your sweet comments yesterday.
happy to report that they are still offering half day and we are officially signed up for it. may be the one and only...but who cares!:)

"take a picture of her sesame seed apron mom"

spent some alone time at target this am and found a lamp shade on clearance. 
70% off kind of clearance.
just the right new touch for our living room.
been sprucing that room up bit by slow bit.
pictures coming soon.

deep cleaning and lots of cooking and baking on the agenda for the weekend.
cause that's just what you do when it snows. 
and we got some oldie but goodie movies from the library for the big girls.
superman and raiders of the lost ark.
made me think of when i saw both of those in the theater with my dad!
ya know, when a ticket used to be $1.50!!!:)
hope they are as good as i remember!!

and one last pic...cause i'm pushing the limits of how many panera selfies one blog can hold!!!:)

have a happy day and a wonderful weekend!


  1. Sweet, pretty picture there, my friend.
    Deep cleaning here too. : )
    Enjoy the snow and the cozy! : )

  2. Oh but the last one... you have to FRAME IT! Please, it's adorable and sums up so much! On to those movies... I remember the pit of snakes, yikes... can't watch. But isn't it weir when the 'big girls' get big enough for movies other than Winnie the Pooh? So strange to get used to. One of our friends just said, "have you watched The Babysitting Adventures" yet with Anna? Oh my, I remember that and I think she'd love it! Anyway, yeah on the lamp shade... love a sale! Happy place your blog is Cindy! xoxoxo tara

  3. I missed this post because I was in Indiana when you posted it! It was wonderful but freezing... luckily I left just before the new snow storm hit though. I'm extra appreciative of Florida weather now ;-).

    I love that new lampshade you got! It's amazing! And that's a great picture of you and Aubrey! She always seems so content, it's great to see :).

    1. good thing you got out! another friend of mine went to a conference in philly and ended up renting a car to DRIVE home cause all the flights got cancelled! florida sunshine sounds heavenly right about now!:)
      have a happy day