{Flashbacks and Flashforwards}

our desktop slide show is a mix of favorite old photos that just fade in and out all day. i love that. and i love seeing what photo will greet me each morning when i turn on the computer.

this is what i saw today....my sweet dad and the girls.

this was our old house. we didn't have a finished basement then so we turned the little eat in nook into a make shift playroom. i love looking at the old toys. we still have most of them. if aubrey was with us then, that would have been the most perfect time...all of us home...no school yet!!!:)

here are a few other shots from that visit.

my dad's a chocolate milk shake kind of guy!:)

oh those sandbox days.


tonight is kindergarten round up for aubrey.
an evening where we hear about all the procedures and things we can do to get out little ones ready for the transition. i know this should be an exciting time. and i guess in some teeny tiny way it is. i know she will love it. i know she will have fun, learn a lot and make friends. and grow and blossom and all that. but i still can't help but think of it as a sort of ending not really a beginning. an ending to this time before school and all it's massiveness. the massiveness that will take over her life. swallow up all our time and leave us with only the scraps at the end of the day. (how's that for mama drama!!:))

i am blessed that our school still offers a half day program. (at least i pray they do....i will find out more tonight!) the half day kindergarten program was one of the reasons we moved here in the first place. riley is a june birthday and she had such a hard time at preschool, we really thought this would be a better transition for her. we fell in love with the program and it was just perfect for our family. home by lunch for snuggles, downtime, dancing in the living room...oh... and time with mommy! heaven!

last year they decided to go full day. i know it is a Godsend for many families that send their children to day care or extended care so that both mom and dad can work. i get that. i really do.
they still offered the half day program this year but only 8 families participated. eight.

really that kind of blows me away. so many families i thought for sure would be on board for the half day option sent their children anyway. i can't help but think that the pressures of making sure their children were "keeping up" with all the other full day kinders played a major part in that decision. that makes me sad really. they have a lifetime of school ahead of them. a lifetime. and time at home before school begins is so fleeting and in my opinion grossly under valued.

but ok...enough of the soap box speech!:) i could go on and on and on and on about that topic!!!:)

so back to tonight...i will sit there and listen quietly for the mention of half day. and be prepared to jump up and demand it if it's not mentioned. (i would so embarrass the pants off riley if she was sitting there with me!!:)) wish me luck!

have a happy day,
(and keep those babies home!!:))


  1. I'm right there with you on the half day kinder. I don't even plan on sending Pete to preschool. I'll probably be the only Mom in town keeping there toddler home, but I don't care. It goes too darn fast!! They have there whole life to go to school.

  2. This post brought tears to my eyes. Juliana has been home sick this week and yesterday after she had some labs done we went to target to pick up a few things. Once we got home I realized how much I miss not having her home with me during the day. It was fun to take our time in target just her and I .

    Our school district still does the half day kindergarten as well and I love it. There is no need for them to go all day they are still babies.

  3. So loved this, my friend.
    Loved getting a peek into your life before Bloggy world brought us together.
    Such adorable little ones!!!!!!! It is strange...you don't notice how much they have grown until you see pictures from tears past.
    Love your playroom!
    Good luck tonight...
    And remember, you are her mommy. You know her best.
    You could always jump in with me on the homeschool route...
    I am loving every minute!
    No pressure there...just a reminder of the options! : )

  4. I'm struggling with my decision right now. I've decided to put Evie in kinder early. Her birthday is in October, and she really should wait another whole year till K, but she's reading a little bit, knows every color, shape, letter, knows how to cut and glue and . . .
    She's my baby, but being the baby of seven, I think she's grown up a little faster than some would. So . . . I already registered her, but I keep second guessing myself. Sigh. I won't know if I've made a mistake until it's too late.
    This mothering thing isn't for the weakhearted, is it?

  5. You go girl!!! You are sooo right! And I got a lump in my throat when I read how school seems to just swallow them up. I got that feeling today. I went in to help in first grade and Abigail just seemed so different to me. Sigh. Scott's even noticing. Double sigh. I shouldn't be but am happy that she's so little in just 5 T now. Maybe one day she'll have a growth spurt. Let's hope so but for now I hold on to every little part I can get. ~ Just tonight at dinner Scott said, "if I could freeze the girls any age it would be this age. I don't want Anna one day older." Sigh again. ~ We're all with ya friend. And can I just say... the newborn in your arms... ahhhhh!

  6. Love the "old" pictures of dad and the girls. Boy do we all look different. I'm ready for those sunny days, bare legs and feeling the earth on my bare feet!!