{Lunch Box Love}

do you pack lunches for anyone wonderful in your life?
i pack two...but someday soon it will be three.
i am pretty good about including a little love note each day.
the girls have a zip lock full from each school year.
worn and tattered little scrapes of paper...some even with a yogurt stain or two.
most days they are just short and sweet with everyday things like "i miss you and i hope your day is full of smiles". but every once in awhile something is going on in their lives that needs a little extra.  a big test.  a worry.  a hard sad morning that needs a little pick-me-up. whatever those little notes hold i know they are treasured. and that makes me happy.

so...if you have a lunch box to pack tomorrow try these free little beauties. just download, print and cut...and make someone happy! (oh and these are pretty cute too!)

have a happy day,

ignore the blurry "finally changed my Christmas one" header...not sure what's up...argh!


  1. Doesn't it make you feel sooo good knowing that a little piece of you is tucked into their day when you can't be there? I love that too! I love that your girls save them all year long. Those are going to be treasures one day for sure! I'm picking up Anna at school tomorrow and bringing her home for lunch/recess! It's the perfect day since I don't get to see her til after 5 :( Have a great night!

  2. How awesome are you?
    Love your mommy love, my friend. : )

  3. You are a thoughtful mom. I'm impressed, and your girls will remember this forever. Let's not count the days till the next lunch is added, K? I'm beginning to feel it, feel it hard.

  4. I've not put a single note in Boyd's lunchbox this year. I even thought about doing it the other day, but I never followed through. I love that you do this for your girls, and all of those printable notes are adorable!