dave took the girls sledding on sunday.
and i stayed home.
yes, alone.
it was quite nice actually!!:)

they had so much fun and were actually the only ones there most of the time.

apparently aubrey lost interest and found some other things to keep her busy.

looks like fun girls...but part of me is hoping it's the last sled trip of the season.
sound good??

have a happy day,


  1. Looks so fun, Cindy!
    For them, and I'm certain, for you! : )
    That is always bittersweet for me...when the baby that usually stays behind with me is old enough to go along.
    I always say that is why I kept having babies...so I didn't have to swim, or sled, or ride the roller coaster. I mean someone has to stay behind with the baby, right?!
    But, those babes always grow up, don't they? As they should, I suppose.
    Just wish it didn't happen so fast.
    Anyway, Aubrey looks like she had a blast with the big girls.
    And I hope you enjoyed a cup of tea, or wine...and a nice long nap. : )
    Love and hugs, friend...

  2. Can I just say... Dave is quite the photographer!

  3. I hear you....no more cold weather! But, it does look fun and I am glad you enjoyed your alone time!