happy monday.
how was your weekend?
ours was good.
just the right mix of going places and stayin put.

girl scout thinking day.
jane and her best scout bud catie.

after a family lunch date, riley and i went searching for new glasses.
we always have so much fun when we go out together.

and isn't this ipod case just the cutest?

one our favorite dinners.

 nothing like a good round of telephone after dinner.
but not nearly as funny as the 20 minutes+ we spent playing heads up 7up a few weekends ago! 
yep, just the 5 of us.
dave and i kept looking at each other saying...."why on earth is this so fun?!":)

"read my mind...channel my thoughts..."

blueberry pancakes

night time routines with big sis

aubrey and i made banana bread.
we used whole wheat flour but then added mini chocolate chips of course.:)
it stuck to the pan, but it still rocked.

doesn't that look amazing?
it is!!!!
i will never eat tuna any other way again.
just tuna, hummus and a little salmon magic.
mix em up and dig in!
dave saw the idea on line somewhere but of course added his own special touches. if you like tuna and hummus...please mix them together...you'll love it!
(and yes, this is dave's lunch...i don't do tomatoes...mine was almost as pretty but still super yummy!)

another cold week ahead of us.
but at least we are above zero for all of it.
and the sun will be shining!

have a happy day,


  1. it looks like a good weekend to me...with a lot of yummy food. And the ipod case how cute it that.

  2. I love your happy family. And I love the big sister helping the little sister do her hair at night. It's the daily stuff with the silly games mixed in that make life so wonderful isn't it?! Blueberry pancakes? I want one Riley! Okay, make ten! Wishing you lots of fun this week in the little things... xoxoxo tara

  3. Aubrey's "read my mind" picture made me laugh out loud. Hilarious! Looks like you guys had a really fun weekend, and both lunch and dinner (and pancakes!) look delicious!