{Happy Love Day}

we love this day,
really love it.
we began it with three smiling faces and daddy's yummy scones.
can't think of a better way to start the day!

later after school the fun part began...the scavenger hunt for the goodies.
we have been doing this forever and i think it might hang around till they are in high school! that's how much they love it.

finding clues in funny places.

and at last the prizes.

 the fireplace covered with hand written love notes just for them.

and we ended the day with a heart healthy meal cooked to perfection!
lentil salad
roasted sweet potatoes and 
brussel sprouts.

so thankful for my little love bugs...big and small!:)

happy love day!


  1. You guys do love day RIGHT! So sweet and I'm sure the girls look forward to it every year. Love your menu and your decor too.

  2. Riley, I love you in glasses! Perfect day Cindy... how could it not be with those Valentines? xoxo