the long ones are the best aren't they?
especially when love day starts it all off am i right?

dave's special chicken brine

lots of cookin.
lots of eatin.

three kinds of chips for some heavenly cookies

thankfully some exercise thrown in there too.

we finished it up with a "no-school hang out"... 
(cause you can't call it a play date anymore!!:))
for some of riley's friends.
homemade pizza, and cupcakes.
does it get any better??

and lots and lots of play.
dolls, dollhouses and
nothing electronic.
and that makes me happy!

hope your weekend was a happy one,


  1. YUM on all of the food. I love a long weekend when we are all in agreement and happy. Sometimes the long ones are a bit too long! :)

  2. You can't call it a playdate anymore? :( so sad