{Wednesday...the "best day"}

early out days are our faves.
with all the snow we've had this year they turned the remaining ones on the calendar into full school days...so we made sure to take full advantage of our very last one.

panera for a bagel and some girly chit chat.
the library for arm loads (and bags full) of books.
and a favorite song playing loud to get us all smiling.

have you had a best day lately??


  1. Aw, such a happy picture!

    And yes, actually, the best day this past week was also Wednesday for me! Beautiful weather, new ideas for my dissertation, and a little more leisure time than usual. It was wonderful.

    Have a good weekend :)!

    1. wow...must have been somethin in the air!!:)
      all the things you mentioned would have made me happy too!
      have a great weekend!!

  2. I just love you. You have the best, happiest music! I actually had one of those "best days" yesterday. I even called my aunt to tell her that I was on a natural high. I was out running errands, had the music up loud, windows rolled down, stopped at a food truck, and the weather was beautiful.

    Your blog is making me smile today!

  3. Absolutely love that song!! A definite download. I think you look stunning wearing the crown! 😉