so how was your weekend?
saturday dave took janey on a grocery shopping date, then i took riley on a little shopping date.
we don't really buy anything, but looking at pretty things and trying things on with my girl is still the most fun. we are in such this crazy place with the girls and clothes.
things that fit are too young....and things they want don't fit.
will someone please start a better clothing line for tweens that isn't all glittery and sparkly.
cause glittery and sparkly we are not!:)

sunday dave left for a business trip.
the girls and i went out to breakfast at...wait for it...panera, then we popped into...wait for it...target for a few things.
yes we live in those two places.
they know us by name.:)

we came home for lunch then got busy with love day loveliness.
we never even decorated this year.
feeling pretty lame about that.
but still loving and snuggling and building these girls up daily.
feeling pretty great about that.

riley has three tests this week.
when it was time to sit down and study she wanted a few friends to come over and study with her.
when did she get so grown up?
studying with friends?
but she asked them all to bring a doll to play with after so that made me feel better.:)

remember those 20's we had saturday?

another bone chilling day.
but the sun is out.
i'm laughing out loud and relating hard to this.
i'm listening to this.
and dreaming of this.

and feeling just fine.

have a warm, sunshiny day friends,


  1. -7 that is just crazy! And dangerous too! I love winter but even I'm tired to the "gear" as we call it in our house. My latest 'gear' crazy that I love this year are 'gators'. Do you know those? From Lands End... LOVE! We all have them. They really help on the super cold days and they come in such pretty colors. Better than scarves and they "fill in" the neck open space so they keep you toasty warm. Check em out! ~ Love the Valentine card making shot from above... very photography creative girl! ~ And spending time alone with your girls is priceless isn't it? Even if you're not buying! ~ Happy Tuesday friend!

  2. Hi Cindy!! How are you friend? Wow it feels like forever since I visited you over here, I am sorry about that but my unintentional blog hiatus went a little longer than expected ;) When did your girls get so grown up? Janey especially! I was so keen to catch up with you guys, still my favourite blog family by far :) Good to see things are still going great, I hope you have all had a fantastic start to 2014 and that Christmas and the holidays were just beautiful (yes it has been that long - September actually!) Have a good day Cindy :)