happy friday friends.
our drive to school today was a beautiful one.
crystal blue skies and that picture perfect covering of shiny bright snow.
but don't let those sunny skies fool ya...the van thermostat said -7.
you read that right.
but the sun was shining and to me that's all that matters.

got a call from a friends this am who needed to vent a little.
she's been having trouble with her tween daughter who is just a year older then riley.
yes i said boys (!)

this conversation made me sad and grateful all at the same time. sad certainly, for the pain they are going through. all of them. but so grateful that we are not in this place. now, i'm smart enough to know that we could be. very easily we could be. but it was such an eye opener to how easily things can change and a little reminder to continue every day to love and love and love and to keep those connections strong. read to them and snuggle them and pray for them and tuck them in every. single. night. even when you don't feel like it. cause someday, they may just grow tired of it. and oh how i'd miss it and long for it then.

mocha friday was good and this little one was a bundle of snuggly love.
as usual.
we talked about her day.
what made her happy.
what made her not so happy.
happy =  when i came to pick her up. :) oh and playing with rachel in housekeeping
sad =  rachel didn't let her napkin be "on top" at snack time again like she promised. ok...here's a perfect example of 4 year old issues...apparently her and rachel sit very close together at snack time and when they spread out their napkins they both keep lifting them up and up and up so that theirs can be the one on top when they lay them down on the table...are you still with me?  aubrey never gets to have her napkin on top. never. :) my offered suggestion of just keeping your napkin small and unfolded was quickly dismissed. what do i know?!:)

janey is off to a birthday party for twins in her class.
it's a sleepover and of course our little homebody wants nothing to do with that.
she's worried about being the only one who isn't sleeping over.
so of course that makes me worried too.
riley came with me to drop her off and leave it to my ever practical ever sensible 11 year old to reply in response to my worries and fears..."mom, that's just life...she'll be fine!" again. what do i know!:)

we ran into walgreens after dropping janey off to grab a few things and stumbled upon these.
if you ever see them in the store run.
run very fast.
and don't look back!:)

the weekend ahead looks beautiful.
warming up a bit.
that means like 20!

have a happy weekend,


  1. No sleepovers here either! Tell her that, ok? Love your love for your girls, Cindy. : )

  2. Oh my I love those M&M'S!! We are not big on sleepovers here as well.

  3. I'm glad you had sunshine, because that does help to trick our minds that it might be warmer than it really is! :) It was so cold here this week that it hurt our faces, but not nearly as cold as you have it, so I can't imagine. I feel sad for your friend who is having trouble, but so glad that you were there for her. I agree with you we have to pray and love and cuddle as much as we possibly can. I love your mocha friday. I'm getting back into my sweet treat on friday PLUS my mexican food splurge. Did it yesterday and it was heavenly. Now I've got to stay on track the rest of the week. I love your girls, they are all so unique and sweet as can be! And, I will be running from those dangerous m&m's. :) Happy weekend! xo

  4. Ah, I love Riley's comment! "That's just life" haha, she's so right...but I wish I could take that advice to heart a little more ;).

    Aubrey's "issues" with the napkins made me smile. I can definitely see how (in the world of a four year-old) that would a big deal...

    & Beautiful pictures of the sky and snow. It sure sounds cold down there though. Stay warm!

    1. the wisdom of the young right??:) too much
      have a happy day bee

  5. Hi Cindy, I am just amazed at how much Janey has grown up in five short months since I last caught up with you guys!! Her hair is different? Looking a little like Riley in that picture, I had to double check lol And oh, the 'issues' little ones have are just the sweetest aren't they? If only which napkin sat on top is the only problem they will ever face...It is hard as you see the changes creeping in, I just want to pull my kids back into their childhood a little longer!! I love that you are an awesome and very loving mother, that truly reflects in all three of your girls xo