it's friday.
and i'm glad.
made it all week with out a mocha which made this "mocha friday", as aubrey and i so affectionately call it, all the sweeter. we saw our favorite girl, kelli jo who is always ready with smiles for us and hugs. i just love this time together. we sit super close in our booth. (and if we don't get a booth we are super bummed and will get up and move mid-way if one becomes available...any other crazy booth stalkers out there?:))

we came home and played with our neighbors while the snow fell.
looks like another snowy possibly trapped in the house weekend.
but that's fine by me.

one more chapter of this to read and then we have a movie to watch.
maybe tonight?
now wouldn't that just end our friday with a bang?
or should i say a plie?

stay warm.
have fun.
find joy.
show love.

have a happy day,


  1. Aubrey is looking so grown up!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Adorable ~ ness photo!!! And yes, I'm a booth girl and have been known to move half way! Booths are waaaaay cozier! Happy stay in weekend! xo tara

  3. We might be getting snow later today! We shall see. I'm excited for it, but don't want there to be any more snow days from school. YES...I am a booth stalker too. Kevin doesn't love them, so I usually only get them when I'm with friends or alone, but I think booths are just so much better! xo