hello friends.
seems a little funny to post a weekending post on tuesday right?
well, with two snow days in a row with wind chills in the -25 range we are dealing with weekends that just seem to go on...and on...and on around here!:)
i guess that's certainly nothing to complain about though huh?

after the hustle and BUSTLE of last weekends harry potter extravaganza having nothing on the calendar felt soooooooo good. we basically just hung out. took life slow. and relaxed.

we still ate some amazing food.
homemade pizza and an awesome pork roast dave cooked all day and made into tacos. i swear i love just about anything made into a taco!:) and the pork fried rice he whipped up monday with the leftovers was pretty amazing too!:)

we had a fun morning...turned to afternoon...monday.
panera for breakfast, a trip to target, the book store and finishing at michael's.
what a trooper daddy was!:)

we baked.
we played.
we read.

we baked some more.:)

riley and i made pudding pops.
remember those?
so fun and they loved 'em.

getting healthy has been on my mind. (funny that comes right after the shot of pudding pops!!:))
guess it's that time of year...or it could be that my pants are getting snug!:)
either way, i have set up a few little things to try and get me on track.

starting with a healthy breakfast, apple at lunch, mocha's only on "mocha friday", ice cream only on the weekends and water water water!!! 

egg whites, spinach and hot sauce on a thin...thanks tara.

continuing my treadmill and video in the early am will hopefully help too.
i need some new inspiration there too really!
so i started with a new play list...tunes motivate me greatly so hopefully this will do the trick. 
for awhile at least!:)

in other "on my mind" news, i am still trying to get this little blog of mine caught up and finally to the place where i can just sit and type. about nothing! i do that so well right!:) haha! preserving the memories of the big things are great. and important. but it's the little things i like to talk about the most.:)

right now as i type, riley and aubrey are playing dollhouse....singing instead of talking.
blueberry muffins are warm on the messy kitchen island.
janey is dancing to tangled in the basement.
the dryer is beeping at me. again.
and we have zero and i mean ZERO plans for the day.

the little things are good.

have a happy day,


  1. I love this sweet post and the pictures. I think 25 above is cold, I can't imagine negative 25 wind chills!
    I need to get focused on drinking water! I know how much better I feel when I do it. I'm trying so hard to be healthy. I'm thinking of relaxing on the weekend, because that is when we eat out, if we do. I want to indulge a little here and there. xo

  2. zero plans for the day... hooray! You gotta love a day like that. Hey, if you can't be outside (and you sure can't in your neck of the woods today) than blueberry muffins are the way to go! Enjoy your day together. I want a snow day!!!

  3. HI this is Riley!:) i love this post too!!

  4. Such cozy pictures! I'm definitely a homebody as well. It's probably a good thing that I have to teach (which I love, by the way) because otherwise I might be a hermit! :D

    & that egg/spinach sandwich looks delicious!

    PS. I'm going to be in Indiana for a conference at the end of February...ALMOST close to you guys ;).

    1. a teacher?? thought you were a grad student...or do you do that too?!:) what grade?
      teaching conference in indiana? i used to love getting away with friends for a good conference! so inspiring and you come home with TONS of new ideas to try!:)
      have a happy day bee

    2. You have a good memory! I am a grad student indeed, but I teach too! In other words, I'm a TA :). I'm teaching college freshmen and sophomores, mostly. It's stressful but really exciting.
      & You have a great day too... Stay warm!