{Janey's Harry Potter Party}

i think the dream of a harry potter party started brewing the moment she cracked open book one.
this has been the most anticipated and thought about and talked about party in our history!:)
and all worth it for my little sweetie.

i don't think i had an original  idea when it came to this party though.
if you dare to look at harry potter parties on pinterest or the web you will be inundated with ideas that are out of this world.

so that being said...welcome to our little version of harry potter world!:)

of course a snow storm was blowing and  ruining our brick wall entry way!

::the great hall::

the best part had to be the candles from the ceiling...dave rocks the fishin line and staple gun!:)

dave made wands for everyone out of paper and glue.
sooooo cool!

::honey dukes sweet shop::


::party favors::

janey and one of her assistants waiting for guests to arrive through platform 9 3/4!:)

we started the party with some fun trivia questions while guests were arriving and then played the "guess which character's name is on my back" game. so fun. these girls knew A LOT about harry potter. 

then janey helped the wands choose their wizards.
cause that's how it is ya know...the wizard doesn't choose the wand, the wand chooses the wizard.:)
the spell books were a huge hit! 
and it was so fun hearing them all pronounce those crazy words!!

  then down to the basement for our snowy owl craft.

potion time!
daddy made a very good snape!
and had all the good gear to bring home from work!!

that was so awesome and they loved loved loved it!!:)

back to the basement to practice transfiguring things.
with play doh and our magic wands of course!

potion number 2

after a quick trip to honey dukes to fill their goodie bags, we went to the great hall for cupcakes and magical color changing drinks.

with some pop rocks thrown in for effect.

the last time she heard "happy birthday to you" as a 10 year old.

hope you loved your party my little 
gryffindor girl!!

cupcakes (we just made regular vanilla though:))


  1. That looks like the best birthday party ever!!!! Poppy would have had so much fun if he could have been there. That is right up his alley!!

  2. The decorations were awesome!! Wish I could have been there to have fun with the chemistry experiments and crafts, it looked like so much fun,