the warmest day we had seen in awhile prompted a crazy quick photo shoot with my snow lovin january girl!

what a beauty.
inside and out.

is it me? 
or has this girl just grown up?
like overnight?:)

something about this one i just really love.
i think it's the way her hands are near her face.
she does that exact pose often.:)

way too little practice with my camera lately has so many of these shots all "wrong", but i love them anyway.

darn that stick.....

this one was a big deal...she is never usually brave enough to scale the bridge and sit on the ledge...must be the turning double digits thing.:)

...wait...i think i still see that little girl in there...somewhere!:)

thanks for this time with you janey.
love you more.


  1. Beautiful, Cindy!
    And sorry to say Mom, but before I even read your first line...I thought to myself...Boy, she grew up right overnight! : )
    That grown up thing is temporary for awhile...they revert back to little girls in an instant! : )

  2. There's a little girl in there. There always will be there to you! Awesome job mama! Love these January pictures!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I DO think she looks older...somehow! She is beautiful, and I am impressed by your photo-taking skills :).

  4. thanks bee!! you are so sweet!!

  5. Janey is a beauty, and yes she looks so grown up here. I agree, that picture with her hands near her face....it is gorgeous and awesome. I love it! Love them all.

  6. I agree, Janey has definitely grown up in recent months!! Gorgeous pictures, you did a good job! It reminds me that I need to take more photos...