{Janey Turns Ten}

janey brooke

my easiet pregnancy.
my easiest birth.
my easiest baby.

i think she was kinda excited about turning the big "double digits", although we spent the day before her birthday out together and she was super sad this was going to be her last day as a 9 year old..." i will never be a single digit again!":( sniff sniff...oh the emotions!!:)

we like to stretch celebrations of any kind out as long as we can around here. after some face time birthday celebrations and lots of gifts from out of town family earlier in the week, the weekend of her birthday was filled with even more fun.

we had our neighborhood besties over for cake and ice cream saturday night.
and they scored it big with a perfect present!

chocolate cake, white chocolate frosting and mocha chip ice cream.
i think we might be twins!!:)

saturday was her actual big day and of course she had to pick something from her new cookbook for daddy to make. who knew harry potter pancakes would be so tasty??

lots of time just hanging out.
dancing in the basement
calico critters
the perfect kind of janey day.

here come more cards and presents.

there really could not have been a more perfect present.
and hermione!!:) 
(aka emma watson)

tell me someone remembers and loves that line from You've Got Mail as much as i do.....!!!

cake and ice cream part two.
this time everyone gets a candle:)

our snuggle lover.
our slow methodical worker.
our family bed wisher.
our detailed player.
our teacher.
our love.
we love you .

::happy happy birthday baby::

janey turns nine (great flashback pics here!:))


  1. You had me at mocha chip ice cream. :)
    Happy birthday beautiful Janey! This is a sweet post Cindy, and it looks like she had a wonderful birthday. The pictures of her as a babe and a toddler...be still my heart. When I was in those days I never thought I'd say how much I miss them!

  2. Happy 10th Birthday to Janey!! Looks like she had an awesome time celebrating her double digits!! Beautiful pictures Cindy, your girls look like the best of friends :)