{Janey's Seussical Show}

the fourth grade at jane's school put on a seussical music show tonight.
it was so amazing! the music teacher took favorite dr. seuss books and changed them into songs. so creative and fun!

as you can plainly see...i totally botched the photos! left my camera on manual and it wasn't pretty!! but i didn't want that to keep me from remembering the night.:)

janey has been talking about this show for months now and this past week she has been ready to bust with excited anticipation. as quiet and shy as this sweetie can be, she loves to perform and be on stage!

she sang, danced, played the recorder, the drums and the xylophone.
and she did it all with an irresistible smile that never left her face!

we love you so much janey brooke! 
thanks for a musically marvelous night!

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  1. How fun for Janey!
    I love the pictures and think they turned out so cute!