{Happy Friday}

another sunshiny day with temps in the 50's!
life is good.

grabbed myself one of these yesterday.
i've been so good in the soda department lately  (if you don't count pizza nights...i can't have  pizza without coke!) but it was finally "get my hair done day" so i had to treat myself!

 gray is gone and that feels better then any bubbly drink!

wish i could pull off a fun little headband like that!:)
middle of the week lunch dates are still the best.

spent some dreamy wandering moments in my fav place.
don't these colors just make your mouth water and your hands want to grab a popsicle...or some other kind of frozen treat!

and this little beauty flew right into my cart.
perfect piece for a mini bathroom make-over that will happen
some day.

i'm seeing white bead board...light blue walls...white ruffly shower curtain...barely pink towels and fluffy white bath mats. and lots and lots of girlie inspirational art!
can you picture it!?:)

tomorrow i am heading to chicago for the day with my girlfriend.
we are seeing this guy in concert (ever heard of him? new to me...but sounds good! i'm up for any kind of music and a day of shopping, food and fun) should be an adventure.

hope your friday was a fantastic one...and what's goin' on this weekend for you?

have a lovely day,


  1. Your new blog header is so pretty. Your new hair is GORGEOUS! I hope you are having a great weekend. We packed all morning yesterday, bought food, headed out about an hour to camp with friends, only to get flooded out, and we headed home about 2 am. I'm SO tired today. But, it's all good. xo

  2. Yes, that bathroom sounds beautiful. Love all of the pictures from your week and can't wait to hear all about that concert!