{Weekending :: Chicago}

my buddy and i left super early for the windy city.
i see the sunrise every morning...she's a getup right before the kids do kind of mama so it was kind of funny hearing her say..."wow the sunrise is beeeeautiful!"

she also feels her stress melt away as she hits heavy traffic and tall buildings.
me on the other hand pretty much not!

i think i might have photographed that exact building like a million times.
the architecture is just so amazingly beautiful in chicago.

as we were driving to breakfast we noticed a few people wearing green.
"hmmmm...guess they are getting ready for st paddy's day a little early?"
says the dingbat duo!!!
HUGE st patrick's day parade was about to begin any minute.
and we were pretty much trapped in it.
and not wearing any green!

we scarfed down our meal, bought an amazing jar of wild berry jam and got the heck to the shops.
but first we had to get at least one shot of the green chicago river.
we're not totally against celebrating in drunken craziness at 9 am ya know!:)

we shopped
and walked
and laughed at crazies in their 20's hanging over balconies
and then finally it was time for the show.

never been to the chicago theater before but this place was truly beautiful inside.
i would have loved if they had turned all the house lights on for me so i could get better pics!

the show was great!!
i just love music. of all kinds really.
and maybe my very limited musical experience (7 years of piano and 5 years of clarinet) makes me appreciate it a bit more...but i am blown away by people with true musical talent! when they make it look so effortless and love every minute of it.
that makes me happy.

afterwards we went to eataly.
this place was amazing!
(nicolle you would have been in heaven!!)
it's an open type market that is suppossed to give you the feel of walking around italy. they have 4 restaurants inside. desserts. beautiful produce and bottle after bottle of wine.
what an amazing concept and from the crowds inside it's a pretty popular place.

we had pizza and thin mint chocolate chip gelato for dessert.
pizza was yummy...but nowhere as good as my honey's!!:)

next time i visit the whole family will be with me...and we won't be wearing heavy coats!:)

hope your weekend was wonderful,


  1. Amazing, Cindy!
    That food!!!!
    Take me next time, k?

  2. I love Chicago, and every once in a while, I just miss it. Thanks for reminding me of some of the amazing things--the Wrigley building, the food, and the Chicago Theatre. I saw Donny Osmond in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" there, and I'll never forget it.

    Thanks for this.

  3. Sounds wonderful! Beautiful pictures.

  4. Oh man that sounds perfect! Go on your spring break... just do it! Jump in the car and go! It looks like soooo much fun! We'd go with ya but there are just few states in between us :( Oh, and Jen I saw Donny Osmond in "Joseph" on Broadway... I'd do anything to see that show again! What a rockin awesome show!