{Today :: Grumpies and Music}

hi friends.
yesterday was a day for me.
not sure why.
could have been all the kit kat mini's i ate.
who brought those in the house??:)
ev.er.y.thing was bugging me.

and like it usually is for us mama's, we never get a grumpy day alone.
seems like everyone just has to join us in grumpsville.
am i right?
oh to escape and be grumpy alone....but i guess if we were alone chances are we wouldn't be grumpy anymore....wait...what?
did i just say that?!:)

happy to say today is better.
usually always is.
thank goodness.

right now i am listening to these guys.
loving this one and this one and this one.
basically the whole album rocks.
and their new album just came out.
can't wait to listen.

what songs are you loving these day and how do you get rid of the grumpies??

have a happy day,


  1. Music ALWAYS helps the grumpies... always. Lately it's been Steven Curits Chapmans new album. It's been speaking to my soul.

  2. Ha, for me it was yesterday...so a day after your "grumpy" day, I guess. Reading helps, and going for a walk outside, especially if the weather is nice! :) Love that picture of Aubrey by the way - so funny. And I'm glad you had fun in Chicago. It seems like a great (but cold) city!

  3. walking helps me too...and at least it is finally nice enough to do it outside without a parka!!:)
    have a great weekend bee

  4. It's so hard to be in a mood, and still have to act like we're ok and be happy for our family. I get it! I think sugar does that to me too. I notice I'm a bear if I have too much of it. That is why I'm trying so hard to only have it once a week! I'm glad that you were better the next day. I always tell myself to just ride the wave. Bad days will go as quickly as they came. xo