{Easter and a Photo Shoot}

happy belated Easter friends.
it was a blessed one.
complete with the most beautiful weather.

an early sunday morning scavenger hunt for our baskets...

 ....and a few little treasures from us too.

i think the frozen dvd was the highlight!

look at that face!!:)

after church we stopped at our park for some impromptu photos.

no problem here getting my girls to pose for a pic.
the older two anyway.
"mom...how about this one? i have an idea...i'll stand here and spin around!":)
if only i knew what i was doing enough to keep up with all their great ideas!

hope your Easter was filled with love and joy.
have a happy day,


  1. Hello, my friend!
    Your Easter looks amazing!
    I mss you, you know...
    Our kids are growing up, aren't they?
    Have a cozy evening! : )

  2. Your photos are beautiful and awesome and terrific. Ya know my two favorites? Has to be the sisters walking away holding hands and the one with Aubrey holding that bunny. Sweeter than sweet! I love your Easter traditions and the happy smiles on their faces. (oh man, that frozen dvd happiness... the best!!!) And way to go getting the big camera out again! Love it all friend! (oh, and Riley, did you really do your own braid? Really? Could you teach me? I watch those youtube videos but my girls have only like 3 that I can really do good enough to leave the house... my fingers are just to clumsy! You rock at hair! Someday when you're in college... like a million years from now... the girls will be lined up for you to do their hair)