{Goodbye Crib}

this day.
oh this day. 
knew it would eventually come, put it off for sooooo long.
we bumped into that crib daily as we tried to get into her closet and did the nightly "no let's sleep in your big girls bed tonight" dance for so long. 
just wasn't ready i guess. 
either of us really. 
but here we are. 
and it feels just fine.
for both of us.

flashback to a sweltering august day  (can i please...just for an hour at least! and yes it's been THAT long!) when the new bedding arrived...

forgive the blurry iphone shots, but as you can tell...we were a wee bit overjoyed!:) and i couldn't leave any of them out...too sweet!:)

a princess in blue on a birdy covered bed.
sweetness overload.

fast forward back to the present.
(well actually a few months ago...but let's not get picky shall we?)

sisters there for moral support of course.

helping with all the little putting away details

 last time climbing in...

...and last time staring up at me with those beautiful green eyes.
cue the tears

leave it to janey to  rustle up a make-shift crib out on the landing for one last snuggle. she would sleep there too if we let her!:)

a beautiful big girls room...

...for a beautiful almost big girl!


  1. I can only imagine how hard this day was for you. By the time it came to take down Evie's crib, Heidi had already had Ellie, so stuff hasn't rested very long around here.

    Hugs from AZ, my friend.

  2. Oh I remember the day we took Juliana's crib down...I cried all three of my babies slept in that crib how could I. It cry. When we. Iced Ray wanted to get rid of it but I can't part with it so it moved with us. :)

  3. Why is that day oh so hard? I think it was a good idea to do this post when she's been in her big girl bed for so long. Does it make it a bit easier? Her bedding is so sweet just like her and I love her "new room". When the nursing and the sippy cups and the cribs are all done it just plain hurts. We miss our babies for sure. But then there are some moments when we look at those 'new growing people' in our lives that we realize that if we kept them that little, froze time, we'd never get to see how much fun and cool they are today? Right? Okay, let's be honest, sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't... Hang in there mama. Hugs, they'll always be your babies.

  4. Aw. So bittersweet Cindy! But I know she will love her new big girl room. And yes, she does look like a princess in her blue on her new bed. What an adorable picture! This will be a sweet post to look back on one day. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! xo