{Spring Break :: a recap}

well hello there!
how are y'all?
apparently we need two weeks for spring break over here...
one week to have all the fun and
one week to get back into the swing of life.
pardon me while i dust off this computer a bit and figure out how to do this again!:)

i guess staying away from the computer can be a good thing.
it's just sooooo darn hard to jump back in. am i right?





we had a fantastic spring break.
spent lots of time together just hanging out and doing what we do.


bike rides
walks around the block
playing with friends

we threw in a few unexpected treats like, "hardly ever see old friends" over for the day, bowling and a lunch date with our buds, meeting daddy for mocha friday, and a trip to the indoor pool.

all good things.
all mama inclusive things
which is just the way i like it...most of the time!:)

spring break gave us just the tiniest hint of what summer will be like.
and i think we're ready!

hope your last two weeks have been happy ones!
have a lovely day,


  1. Pool sounds ammmaaaazing! We had some snow this weekend so I can't even get my head around bathing suits yet.... yikes! Looks like you had a ton of fun and I'm so glad you're back! Happy Friday friend! xoxxo tara

  2. You are a happy and bright spot in my day. I love the way you blog and the sweet things that you record. Looks like a great spring break. You know I am loving those cupcakes! xo