{Weekending :: Soccer}

soccer is officially under way!
we had two games this sunday. and even though they have  been practicing together for months, it finally felt real this weekend. they played well and came out with a close loss and a tie. not bad for facing some tough opponents. love to see those girls play as a team.

can't take credit for the cool pic...riley's team mate took it...

janey and i had some fun solo time together.
we got to be a part of this milestone...

i guess there is more then one "ol girl' at our house still kickin!!:)

of course janey wanted to take a double selfie to remember the moment.

i remember something else about that moment.
we actually drove around and around our little near by park cause our mileage was close and i didn't want to miss my pic...and as we drove janey talked on and on about real beauty. she talked about what it really means and in her own words went on to describe the difference between someone who may seem to have it all...cool clothes and shoes, but isn't very nice and kind, compared to someone who may not wear all the right things, but is still sweet and loving! ummm...did that just happen? there was so much more to what she said...i way over simplified here, i wish i could have recorded it all to play back someday :) sometimes our little ones can really amaze us can't they?

we have been doing some awesome eating around here lately.

something very much like this had been my breakfast for the past three weeks.
that boost of protein in the am keeps me going.
and i love it.

if you haven't heard this song you are more out of the mainstream then i am!!:)

but it's become the go-to morning jam over here.
and i just thought i would infect your brain with it a bit so we could all share in the all day non-stop humming of this little number....!!:)

so how was your weekend?
what do you eat for breakfast??:)
and what's real beauty to you???

hope your weekend was a wonderful one,


  1. Hi! Just commenting on all your recent posts at once, so I don't spam your blog/e-mail inbox ;)

    I love Janey's comment...it's amazing that she already understands what true beauty means. I think the concept of "true" beauty really differs per person, but I completely agree with her that the most beautiful people are kind people!

    I love the soccer picture and the "selfie" in the car. Oh, and all the pictures of Aubrey's new bed. It must be a big step for all of you, but the excitement in Aubrey's face lights up each and every picture. Amazing!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. I have such a car milestone story to tell you someday... too long to type. Yeah for soccer! And I love that first picture! Hope this weekend brings a win! xoxoxo tara