{Aubrey's Last Day of Preschool}

 ::last day::

my oh my how did this day sneak up on us so fast?
seems like only yesterday we were picking out that birdie backpack and buying the matching lunchbox...even though we knew we wouldn't need it till first grade!:)

adorable story about that dress...as soon as she heard there was going to be a "party" on the last day she ran upstairs and said "i know exactly what i'm gonna wear then...my fancy party dress!" oh my. i can't lie...there was a part of me that wanted to talk her out of it...and i may or may not have tried...but she was set on it and i thought...why not...who cares if it's 90 degrees out and i know she'll be sweaty....or that they'll be eating shaved ice and it will probably drip and stain...who cares if it will be hard for her to climb and run...make the sweetie happy! we did decide that we would bring a more casual outfit to leave in the car...just in case!

she was telling me some big story about this being my last day to walk her into preschool...or some other heart melting thing like that!

i could just squeeze this little one to pieces!

and so could her sisters !
(daddy too of course...he was at work!:( )

preschool teachers: mrs. r and mrs. b
best friends: isabella, alysa and rachel
bestest friend: rachel
favorite field trip: curtis orchard because we got to go on a walk
favorite memory: when the snow-cone truck came and we got to pick our own flavor
favorite part of the school day: free choice time
most challenging moment: sitting on my rug and staying there
toughest to say goodbye because: i didn't want to leave my friends
thoughts about kindergarten: my mommy doesn't get to come in when she drops me off and i'm sad about that. (sniff sniff)

we took our last drive down the "tunnel of trees" road...playing lots of eye spy and "i'm thinkin of a character" games.

there was some sadness that morning, and as fate would have it we met her best friend in the parking lot.

sweet, sweet teachers.

this makes me laugh...i think it was something like..."mom i'm sooooo hoooooot...can i change?" ha

and there is something about these next three shots that i just love!
the concentration?
the wild hair?
that crooked smile?
that smile as she runs to line up for the last time...?

aubrey wanted me to include this last one because she said it was the very last picture she took at preschool. i think she has a softie heart too...like the rest of us girlies!!:)

it was such a wonderful year for her. she grew so much and learned so much and for that we are forever grateful.
kindergarten here we come.....


  1. Love the pic of Aubrey walking to line up for the last time in pre-school!

  2. So sweet... I like the hair flying ones too with her happy smile just playing! Oh and the first and last days with her head tilted... it must be 'her thing' when she sees the camera. Makes her look even more little (which we all like, right?) Happy almost Kindergartener Aubrey... you're going to love it even more!