{A Trip to Maryland :: Jessi's Graduation}

we were so excited to be able to sneak away for a few days near the end of school to see my sweet niece jessi graduate from high school!

before the big day we in squeezed a little b-day celebration for all our late may, early summer and late summer half birthdays! whew! any excuse for presents and cake right?:)

let me tell you a little bit about janey and emily!!
they are two peas n a pod!
both middles and both love dance.
and to say that janey looks up to her is a HUGE understatement!! janey helped me pick out emily's present and she was sooooooo excited to give it to her!
i just love the love and joy in these shots!

make a good wish!


can't even believe this day is here.
i remember the "we're expecting" call like it was yesterday!

i must admit...i got a bit teary...something about that pomp and circumstance...gets me every time!:)

what a beauty...inside and out!

all i could think about here was...time's flyin...

every girl needs a katie daisy!

sunday the weather was perfect...and so was jessi's graduation party...

here's emily's katie daisy jane picked out!:)

but in all that hustle and bustle she still made time for her biggest fan!:)

we love you so much jessi and we are so excited for you and this new chapter of your life!!



  1. What beautiful pictures from the visit to MD and Jessi's graduation. You got some great close ups of Jessi. Great photography job!!

  2. okay... can I just start by asking... is that you in a DRESS? You are rocking that dress friend! I love this post for soooo many reasons. So happy you were able to go spend time with your sweet family. So happy that your girls have special cousin bonds. So happy that they have good role models to look up to... so happy for all of you! & your hair looks awesome too! Is there a bit more red in there or is that just the camera? Love it! Also, I see a bit or Riley in her big cousin Jessi... do you see it too? Just a bit but its there! Love these pictures Cindy! You did an awesome job! Here's to family and get togethers!