{Early Bird Birthday :: June Bug Style}

the first week in june was a crazy one around here. first the maryland trip...which lead to my parents coming for a visit...which lead to the last day of school...which led to dress rehearsal...which lead to recital.  poor riley's birthday was sandwiched right there in the middle of it all. we tried to make things a bit easier by doing a little early bird june bug birthday when my parents were here.

riley helped my mom shop so she had a special invested interest in aubrey's joy level!:) ha

oh how these two made me smile that night!

is that a broadway face or what??!:)

janey helped my mom make one of those cakes where you poke it with holes and pour in jello...remember those? 
i think it was a hit!

thanks jane!
and thanks mimi and poppy!
{insert pic of mimi and poppy that i am kicking myself for not taking!}

happy early bird birthday june bugs!
we love you!

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