{Last Day of School :: 2014}

::first day::

look at those "i can't wait to get started on this new adventure" faces!

::last day::
"whoohoo...it's summer!"

ha...just noticed riley wore the same dress as jane did on the first day...and there's those classic last day of school only flip flops!:)

sixth grade with lots of teachers
best friends: annie, lydia, lydia m, mara, nicolina, and anna
bestest friend(s): anna and lydia m
favorite activity: watching the watermelon eating contest
favorite memory: fun days 
favorite part of the school day: language arts
most challenging moment: dealing with my tiny locker and advanced math
tough to say goodbye because: my teachers are great 
thoughts about seventh grade: excited about our new schedule and visual arts class

fourth grade with ms. s
best friends: kamryn, anna, emma, and abigail
bestest friend(s): kamryn and abigail
favorite field trip: chicago 
favorite memory: when my tooth fell out on valentines day
favorite part of the school day: math
most challenging moment: how hot it was in my classroom
tough to say goodbye because: i made a lot of new friends
thoughts about fifth grade: i can't wait to switch classes for math

so glad i was able to go to janey's party this year. sadly none for riley anymore...:( darn that juniour high!:)  it was great seeing her clown around with her friends and be silly. she had a great group of girls in her class and i am so thankful for that. good friends make all the difference don't they? 
her teacher was a sweetie too.

 we love you dearly and we are so proud of you!

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  1. Lovely, my friend!
    And so happy to see you here!
    Enjoy these summer days with your sweeties! : )