{Dance Recital :: 2014}

i just love shows.
shows of any kind really.
sitting there watching people do what they love up on a stage. all that confidence...all that passion...all that energy...all that nerve!! scares the heck out of me...maybe that's why i appreciate it and love it so much!
throw in great music? 
even better!
throw in my girls up there on that stage with the confidence, the passion, the energy and the nerve and i'm giddy with excitement!

now don't get me wrong.
my heart is doing flips and my hands are shaking and my legs are bouncing up and down as their number approaches but i still love it!

and i'm so glad they get to share this together.
they're making a lot of memories up there (and backstage!:) )
and next year little aubrey will be joining them...wow!

this year both girls were in jazz 3 together and then jane was also in ballet 3. she made the switch from tumbling to full time dance and i'm so glad she did. she is the happiest when she is dancing!

we had a crazy cool kissing photo bomber!

this was jane's first year in ballet and she amazed us all.
she joined this class right before Christmas break and worked so hard with private lessons and lots of hours dancing in the basement.

i think she more then fit it.
she wow'd em all!!

here we go...here come the butterflies!

dave watched the evening performance and by then the rain had moved in.:( but the flowers were beautiful!

i loved these frantic little goodbye kisses.
this was actually the first year we took aubrey to watch the show and she did an amazing job.

we loved their sweet, sweet teacher too.

this was a new venue for us and it was beautiful.
smaller stage and much more cozy and intimate.
i loved it.

we were able to take a few pics at dress rehearsal.
the lighting was bad and we were waaaaaay in the back but we managed to capture a few memories.

let me tell you...when that music started and the lights came on and she started to dance...the tears started flowing! and that was only the dress rehearsal!!

she looked so proud, and so confident and so happy up there on that stage!

it is truly her thing and she was an absolute joy to watch!  made my mama heart melt!

the girls danced to this funky little song for jazz.
riley was the first one out on stage.
she had to run out and leap across the whole stage.
by herself!
she did it with the biggest smile!
in fact that smile never left her face!
we had so many people tell us she was the happiest little dancer!:)

we are all so proud of you girls! 
you worked so hard this year and it showed. we are sad it's over too....

but we can't wait to see what you do next year!


  1. This is awesome! I did jazz for 3 years and ballet for 8, so I can relate to the rehearsal/performance excitement and I think you captured it perfectly! Love that picture of Janey and Riley giving Aubrey a kiss before heading inside - too cute.

    And the outfits are beautiful, but what I like more is their confidence - THAT is really beautiful! It looks like it was a great show.

    I'll read your other post(s) later - I'm heading out now. Have a good weekend, Cindy!

    1. wow bee...all that dance!!:) janey would love to chat with you!!:)
      hope your next week goes fast and enjoy europe!
      again WOW!!!

  2. Cindy, they're growing up!!!! Beautiful girls....all 3 of them.

  3. Cindy your girls sure have grown these last few months. They are beautiful!!