{Happy Birthday Riley}

kind of  hard to celebrate your birthday when it falls on dance recital day! sorry baby...but we made the best of it!:) and the sweetie that you are...there were no complaints from you...you just rolled with it. one of the many qualities i admire about you!!:)

oh riley...my sweet riley.
so many words to describe you, but a few that come to mind are lovely, sweet, smart, hard-working, well-rounded, kind, helpful, responsible and loving.

you love everyone to be happy and you take it personally when they are not and try your hardest to change it. such a sweet quiality. you told me your goal for this school year was to wake up every morning with a smile. what a lofty goal...maybe i should try it...:) but it just goes to show a little something about your heart. 

your sisters look up to you and you take that seriously. you are always willing to help with hair and homework and getting aubrey ready to go somewhere...you'll make a wonderful mommy some day.

we love you so much sweetie!
happy birthday!

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