{Happy Birthday Aubrey}

happy birthday to our sweet little baby...who is growing up right before our eyes!

ignore janey's price tag..long story...;0

we love to stretch birthdays out around here don't we!? opening early gifts that come in the mail is fun! especially when you get your first pandora charm!!:)

breakfast at panera on your birthday...of course!
playing with sisters and opening presents.
the best!

aubrey is the best little present opener! she reeeealy gets into it! this face (and shrieks if you could only hear them) was over...

look at riley and janey and you'll understand the volume level!


this one was over her very own pink baby stroller...

dinner of choice: cheesy chips and fruit. 

 spinning and twirling like only a 5 year old can.

and then duck, duck, goose on the trampoline with your sissies.

::party day::

just a few friends over for cake and playing in the backyard...but every party needs balloons. and little girl  bumble bees am i right?:)

quick dress change to match her friend brooke

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