{Daddy's Day :: 2014}

this was a fun daddy's day that's for sure!
dave had an idea for a backyard fire pit so they started working on it together friday and saturday. they did a pretty good job stickin it out!:)

after church on sunday we came home for some quick pics and a quick clothes change.

i digress for a moment...the door from the garage was left half way open...as it often is as we all run in...janey and i were the last to come in and when i glanced in the house it looked so pretty and homey to me i just had to take a pic.

party decorations still up.
breakfast cups still on the counter.
a church backpack dropped on the floor.
it was spontaneous and perfect.
and i love it.

next, we headed off on a little mini adventure. dave loves to scour yelp for funky new places and he found one not to far from us. it was the perfect charming little dive....and the food was yummy!!! simple burgers and fries...but awesome!  and homemade ice cream too.

we listened to music in the car and laughed and joked around. it was the perfect afternoon.

later, aubrey asked to fly a kite.
give a fl fisherman a chance to drag out his fishing pole and he will!! it's the only thing that makes kite flying easy in 30 mph winds!!!:) haha

a yummy dinner
made by the best cook ever!

homemade cards and gifts perfect for a new fire pit!

not sure what's up with aubrey...?

we love you daddy!

 that evening...the moment we had all been waiting for....we had fire!

...after awhile! 
we learned to start it a bit earlier next time!:)

first s'mores of the season!

funny after the s'mores (cause of course they could only have one...they were HUGE!) they kept running in to find anything to roast over the fire! they came back with bread...aubrey wasn't a big fan of fire cooked toast!:)

and someone else is not a fan of sparklers!:)

thanks for the awesome new backyard fun daddy and thanks for being you! we all love you very much!

and happy father's day to my awesome dad too!
we weren't together...but the end of june is coming soon!
dave will cook ya a big steak!!:)


  1. Ahh I love this post. The homey picture is so perfect. I can't wait to have a house (and kids!) as well, haha!

    Also...I really like everyone's church clothes, and the kite and fire pit. Oh, and I think Riley looks so much like Dave! :)

    You have a beautiful family, Cindy! Have a nice day.

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful day. Love seeing pictures of your sweet family!

  3. look at that picture of Riley looking down at her daddy as he's reading a card... look at that love! Okay, so I took like three pictures on fathers day and you took sooo many & awesome ones!!!!! Loved seeing your fathers day... you sure made it awesome!