we took our first summer walk/run/ride at the park this morning.
it was fun
and hot
and a workout
but fun!

we used to do these summer walks at around 8:30-9 when the girls were younger. back in the days when they didn't sleep in till 10!! (riley!:)) so this one was a bit hotter then normal. and windy. kind of felt like walking while a gigantic hair dryer was pointed at you full blast!

but did i mention it was fun?

we scoped out a different spot to try next time.
one with a bit more shade!

hope your tuesday was filled with sunshine!
have a happy day,

still not quite finished with the "back-dated catch the blog up posts"...so keep looking back for birthdays...and father's day...and end of the school year fun...soon...soon!!!:)


  1. That looks like fun! Hot, but fun. Florida gets so hot at this time of year that you can't really go for a walk outside after 10am, haha. I still love the beautiful summer weather though, hot or not.

    & Hey, it looks like I have those same shoes, but in blue!

  2. Somehow your live feed has disappeared from my reader. I thought it had been a while since I heard from you, and I missed out on a few weeks. Don't know if you've changed some settings or what . . .

    I LOVE the photos of the girls' recital. I can't believe how grown up they look. Especially Riley--looking like a teenager. Wow. When did that happen?