{Little Things}

i love the extra time together summer brings.
lots of time to focus on those little things...


um yeah...time for a chalkboard update...but loving the washi tape hung art

some days those morning rough and tumbles get outta hand
some days they end in smiles.

our last thursday at the library alone...summer's here!

i want one.
yes now!

dance lessons in the basement

three girls and their babies

first summer trip to the library.
watching their "i read a lot" marbles go down the track.

no other words needed really.

summer fun

summer stay up late snuggles

some days i pick up my phone and find 100+ selfies from this girl. silly sweetie!

pretzel time at the mall

dinner when daddy's away.

all is quiet

first trip to the pool...

and a much needed chill moment.

morning mommy

new summer hats

and wood for our new american girl world!
hours of fun!!!!!

this was the early stages...you should see it now!

time to doodle and draw.

pause for a mommy moment at the neighbors slip and slide party. everyone wants a hug from jane!

that's my girl!!!

we are rockin our summer so far!
how 'bout you guys?

have a happy day,

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  1. So true, summer is all about the little things, the simple and fun pleasures of life. I love your gorgeous house in that "all is quiet" photo. Now I want a fire pit, some pizza, and a frozen mocha!