{Sleepy Faces and Watercolors}

i love my quiet time with aubrey every morning. she is always the first one up...usually around 7-7:15...but as summer is settling in, that time is drifting closer to 7:45-8!

her sleepy face is still the sweetest sight.
sometimes she comes downstairs dressed with an already big story to tell. sometimes she's still warm from the sheets and wanting only a cuddle.

lately she has been reaching for those birthday watercolors as soon as she gets to the kitchen.

she told me i was just going to "explode with happiness" when i saw this one. she crayon resisted it and was so proud of herself! (see the morning's gallery already hanging in the background)

stories about puppies in mud puddles are the perfect way to start the morning in my opinion.

hope your morning is a quiet one.
have a happy day,


  1. Morning, Cindy!
    Spending my mornings with my little one too...
    Coffee, milk, and Little Bear.
    Enjoy yours with your sweetie!

  2. Such beautiful paintings! I love the colors she picks :).

    & Commenting on the other post as well: LOVE the little hallway/pantry/whatever-part-of-your-house that is make over! It's always so exciting to do something new and creative especially if it's something related to house and home :).

  3. I love the morning sleepy faces!
    Love her artwork, and how you have all of the girls' artwork hung in your home. I'm trying to get better at doing that too!