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like usual we are a whirlwind of traveling tornadoes in the summer. always planning or packing or unpacking and honestly i love it that way. our school year schedules keep us pretty well planted at home so i say when the time arises to get outta dodge...take advantage of it!

dave had a business trip in seattle this year. i have never seen that part of the country so we decided to make it a twosome. we coordinated it with our summer trek to GA so my parents could watch the girls while we were away and it worked out perfectly.


driving before the sunrise...that's our thing.

love this pic...reminds me that when you travel all fashion sense goes right out the window!:)

and my carsick sweetie in a post throw-up dramamine induced comma!:(

but we made it...and that porch swing felt good...as long as you don't spin it!;)


this was our view heading down the street to our hotel. don't know why i wasn't' expecting the steep streets...i would not want to drive a stick shift in this town!:)

we had dinner here on the recommendation of the hotel concierge. what a fun job that would be. i actually used to play concierge and travel agent all the time...especially with the big atlas spread out on the cooler in the back, back seat of my parents bronco on our way out west every summer.  just a wee bit of cindy trivia in case you were interested!:)

loved this wall.
and everything about this little entry way arrangement.

 after a quick breakfast here:

(which in my opinion was not all that...but then again it has dave's breakfasts to contend with!:))

...we headed to the outdoor market.

this place was amazing and way more then anything i had expected. the food. the shops. the lavender and the FLOWERS!! dave was all about the fresh produce and seafood of course but for me it was all about the flowers.

i cold not get enough of those flowers!
if i lived anywhere near this place i would be here weekly that's for sure!

view from the market looking out at the water.

i loved walking up and down the city streets.
looking at all the shops.
smelling all the food.
watching all the people.
street performers and musicians.

for you tara

the community park along the water was such a neat place.
the girls would have loved a picnic here.
and ice cream afterwards of course!

the tree and shop lined streets were just so charming.

we never went inside but wow what a beautiful sight there against that blue sky.

and the whole time i kept thinking of frasier.:)

dave found this place on yelp so we drove a little bit to get there but it was so worth it.

and here i kept thinking of sleepless in seattle!!
love love love that movie!!!!!

the next day we woke up bright and early to make the drive to mt rainier. it was a beautiful drive to a beautiful place.

i was amazed by how lush and green everything was. when you drove into those thick trees it was like you were in another world!

get ready for breathtaking picture over load!

hmmm...guess i won't complain about snow fall again!:)

stopped at a little gift store/restaurant on the way out of the park and loved this little wall of letters.

it was a wonderful mini vacation we'll never forget!


here's a little peek at the fun the girls had while we were away...

 janey made a stepping stone too...but it was after we got back and we missed the pics...sorry jane!:(

bowling on the front porch

something tells me they didn't miss us much!!:)

:: now we're all back in georgia together...are ya with me? ::

where else can you swim with a mountain few?!:)

a beautiful day for a hike.
something about having all the right gear makes it all the more fun!

and yes...i know that girl reeeeeealy wants a dog!

love how she sings to herself as she takes off alone conquering big mountains all by herself

the way down is fun too!
especially when you sing "99 bottles of coke on the wall" 
and yes the made it from 99-0!
and yes i was the lucky one to be right behind them 

 fourth of july was beautiful in the mtns.

hot fudge sundaes are the perfect ending!

a few pics of my mom and dad's beautiful yard

our last night together the girls put on a show in the yard.

bravo bravo!:)

thanks for all the fun mimi and poppy

we'll see ya soon!!!
we hope!

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  1. Cindy...
    I could...and will...read this post over and over again.
    For real.
    Thank you for sharing such amazing pictures!!!!!
    That market!!!! Those flowers!!! The fresh food!!!!
    I can't even imagine...
    I loved it all...
    So happy for you! : )
    Have a great summer finale!