{When the Cat's Away the Mice Will Play :: part 3}

it has become a tradition when cindy visits her friends in florida, the girls and i hijack her blog.  well, here we are again.  the weather has been beautiful, our days busy and filled with fun and lots of good food :)
they wasted no time listing all of the things they wanted to do, with the first being camping in the back yard.  We all worked together setting up our camp site, nestling our tent between a few trees out back.

the next day, we set up our pool and using their brooms, the girls made a whirlpool.

after a refreshing swim, we moved on to lawn mower driving lessons.  this can only benefit me in the future, at least until the novelty wears off.

on day three, janey was the one that decided to sleep in.  it must have been the late night in the tent the evening before.  these two woke up early so ri helped aub with some homework :)

once the sleepy head awoke, we got dressed, picked up a doughnut and hit what the girls call the "wooden park".  (yes mommy, we remembered sunscreen and hats!)

the rest of our days included more swimming and playing in the water,


a blueberry pancake breakfast,

a trip to the farmer's market,

lots of time playing

and cleaning.

our tv decided to quit working so this one felt she needed a little movie theater instead.  Not sure why this was more appealing than the tv in mommy and daddy's room.

we're going tv shopping when you get home momma!!!

as far as cooking goes, we brined a chicken to cook on the rotisserie for mommy when she returns

and baked banana chocolate chip muffins.

phew...i'm tired revisiting our time together while mommy was away.  i enjoy these moments with our girls...they're growing up too fast!  I'm glad mommy was able to have a nice visit with her friends in florida.  while she is gone, i am reminded of all she does for us when i'm responsible for it all and feel blessed.  i'd rather cook than clean and do laundry any day! :)  on that note, i'd better get that chicken out of the brine and on the rotisserie!  momma is gonna be home soon!!!
safe travels baby, cant wait to see you!
love you!!!


  1. These posts are the sweetest! I love that you appreciate all that Cindy does. I think that is one of the hardest parts of being a SAHM, wondering and hoping that we are appreciated too! Anyway, looks like you guys had a great time, and I'm sure Cindy will love looking at this post and seeing what fun you had. Wonderful pictures. You are a great father Dave!

  2. Love this! :D I remember the one from last year too…these are such fun posts.

    & Camping in the backyard sounds like an excellent idea. Especially when there's a campfire!

    The doughut-eating-picture is my favorite. It's just such a great shot :).

    1. thanks Bee!!:) looks like they really don't need me at all right....??!:)
      hope your summer had been great!