{Guess Where We're Goin?}

to visit these two...

and their lovely mama and daddy!

and we couldn't be happier!
the girls have been pen pals for years now and we figured it's about time they meet for real!
we are ready for laughter overload and giggles galore!

stay tuned for a fun filled post with some amazing photos...cause fingers crossed...i'm gonna learn a lot from miss tara!!

have a happy,


  1. How fun! Tara is wonderful and I always tell her how I would love to sit over tea and visit in her beautiful kitchen! I think we need to plan a blog girls weekend!!

  2. Eeeeeeek!!!!!
    How wonderful for you all!!!
    Pictures pictures pictures and posts posts posts!!!!!!!

  3. You still have that Christmas card? You know they don't look anything like that in "real life", right? Oh man, wait till you see... that I only take pictures of the clean parts of my house for the blog. ~ Seriously though... we CAN NOT wait to giggle with you and your girls!

  4. Wonderful wonderful! Very excited for you guys! Enjoy! :D