{Ice Cream for Dinner and Daniel Tiger}

if we're having ice cream for dinner...the summer really IS almost over!:(

daddy got fancy this year by dipping waffle cone bowls in chocolate. yummo

and then we went straight to the family room for a picnic for the premiere of daniel tiger and the new baby! and yes i love it that my big girls are just excited about the event as my little girl!

the show inspired aubrey to make a family portrait. (ok...i encouraged a bit...i love little kid art...) 
and then the big girls joined in too.


have a happy day,


  1. You know I'm a Daniel Tiger mama too... I may not have preschoolers anymore but a girl is always a little girl, right? Oh that icecream looks so darn good! And the new addition of the chocolate bowls... can life get any better than that?

  2. Love it! I don't know who did the second drawing, but I think she did an extra wonderful job drawing Dave, haha! Looks so much like him! :)

    And to comment on your previous post at the same time - those pictures of Aubrey playing soccer are priceless. She seems to be having so much fun! Exciting to find a sport you(r kids) really enjoy :).

    1. i love those drawings too!! should really frame them all!:)
      aubrey sure does love soccer and it shows! she smiles alllllll the way!:)

      thanks so much for your comments, they mean a lot.

      you can email me anytime....rockymtnhi@mchsi.com and then i can email you back when you comment...much easier and quicker that way....if you want!:)

  3. I love this tradition at your house. And mostly, I love the curly-headed Daddy in all of the pictures with his four straight-haired women. Good luck with school starting! I'll be thinking of you.

  4. Dessert for dinner is always a favorite around here! We watched Daniel Tiger and the new baby last night. I love that show...it reminds me of being younger.

  5. I ADORE those family portraits!!!
    We did ice cream sundaes this past weekend. Such a fun thing. We might make it a tradition too!